Sunday, 2 December 2012

From the diary #Part 1

Ok from now on
I try to publish some I'd written in the diary
Because I think it's seems not really private
and recommended by all agesXD

SATURDAY        7/05/2011      11:57 hrs
IT'S GONE..'s time 4 it to let fish sekor 2 dah xde b'same kte da..bru tadi je xde..mmg ajal die da sampai an..smlam moto ikan rsak..ayh na beli la..then kedai 2 kate xder..pas2 esk2 2 die da xde dah..Huk3..tringat lagi 1st time aq jumpe die..die and frenz dlam longkang..ade orang KEJAM buang diorg..We took em..We care for it until now..xsilap aq dr 2009 lg..n now mase amik ikan 2 ltak lam air paip (mse tu xtau pape sal ikan)..byak ikan kecik2 mati..dye pun nyawe2 ikan mase 2..kmi cepat2 bubuh air klorin n ltak moto ikan lam  aquarium..We pray for it to survive..Alhamdulillah it can tau sejak aritu dia sakit..xleh xde oksigen lame2..then ikan 2 xde oksigen nk bg kat die..dye pun xboleh survive mcam dulu lagi..
n then it gave up..

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